“Why do I need a personal trainer?” Here are 12 reasons why.

You’ve decided that this is the year you will get fit.

And, it should be easy enough right? 

Go on YouTube, search for workouts that will help you get fit and do them, correct?

While finding popular workout videos can be useful, getting a personal trainer can multiply your efforts 10 times over.

In today’s post, we will go over twelve reasons why getting a personal trainer is worth your time, your investment and most importantly, how it will propel you to reach your fitness goals.

12 reasons why you need a personal trainer

  1. Accountability and motivation. Having someone to workout with and keep you accountable will help you stick to your fitness goals. Research supports this. When you work out on your own, it’s easy to give yourself a break on the days when you don’t want to work out or on the days you don’t want to stick to a diet plan. (Hey, a cheat day here and there is fine but we can’t prolong those cheat days.) Having someone you are accountable to, will keep you on track.
  2. Regular workouts. This is tied to the point above. You will see results from your exercise regimen if you are consistent. A standing appointment with your personal trainer introduces that consistency into your life so you can see the results you want. 
  3. A personal trainer can show you a good starting point for you. Exercise regimens are not created equal. The kind of exercises you need to build up muscle for instance, are different from the kind that lead to weight loss. Thus, depending on your specific goals, a personal trainer can guide you and help you design an exercise/diet plan that is best for you physically and that which would also help you meet those goals.
  4. A personal trainer can bring fresh perspective to your workout routine. You’ve started working out on your own and you feel great. But you’re bored with your workouts. And we all hit plateaus with weight loss and fitness goals when we do the same exercises over and over again. A personal trainer can bring fresh perspective to your workout routine and introduce you to brand new exercises. Those brand new exercises will challenge new muscle groups that were not getting attention with your old exercise routine. 
  5. Need a challenge? Get a personal trainer. You’ve got your walking or running routine down. But you’re ready for a new challenge. A personal trainer can “up” your routines so you can challenge yourself and do more on your fitness journey. 
  6. Learn how to use new equipment. Have you ever walked into a gym, looked at the equipment in there and thought to yourself “I wonder how you use that.” And then, you wait for someone who looks like they know what they are doing to get on so you can watch them use it. Yes? Well, instead of being mistaken for a person who watches others at the gym, your personal trainer can introduce you to new equipment and show you how to use them.
  7. Learn to exercise without equipment. You may not always have access to a gym or exercise equipment. A personal trainer can show you effective ways to exercise without a gym or equipment.
  8. If you want to learn the proper way to exercise, a personal trainer can help. So far, we’ve gone on the assumption that everyone knows how to exercise the correct way. The truth is that, if you don’t know how to exercise correctly, you will get injured. A personal trainer will teach you about:
    1. Muscle groups
    2. The right exercises that target those muscle groups
    3. The type of equipment to perform those exercises on
    4. Good form and posture so you don’t injure yourself while exercising
  9. A personal trainer can customize a workout plan based on health conditions you may have. A chronic health condition should not stop you from working out. However, it is important to do the types of exercises that don’t endanger your life. A personal trainer who has worked with other individuals with your health condition can customize a plan that works well for you.
  10. Get ready for a sporting event with a personal trainer. A personal trainer can train you on the right exercises for that local soccer team you want to join or that 10K race you want to run.
  11. Setting realistic goals with a personal trainer can be hard. If you don’t have the right knowledge, you may be setting the wrong goals for your situation. A personal trainer will work with you to set healthy and realistic goals. 
  12. The right personal trainer will also challenge your mindset. Our minds are powerful and will regularly tell us that certain exercise types are “too much” for your body. Getting a personal trainer who challenges you can break those mindsets. And because of that mindset shift, you may see other areas of your life improve as well.